The 4 elements you need to create a website

Some of you will be really familiar with terminology such as domain names, hosting and platforms. But for anyone who isn't this is a really brief overview of the elements that you need to create a website.

To start out with a website, you need 4 things:

1) A domain name - this is your web address, where people will find you online. You don't actually purchase a domain name - you simply register the right to use it. In the next module, I'll talk you through choosing a powerful domain name, and then will show you how you can register it.

2) A hosting plan - this is where your website files sit, and is basically a big computer called a server. When someone searches for your website, your hosting company delivers the files to their web browser. A hosting plan involves a fee, and there are hundreds to choose from. I recommend as they offer fantastic service, and they will give you a discount if you use this link. I will walk you through the exact process needed to register your plan with Siteground.

3) A platform - this is the framework that you use to build your website. There are lots available which you may have heard of, eg. Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace. We're going to use WordPress as it's the most flexible of them all and can grow with your business.

4) A theme - this is basically the template which helps you create something visually appealing. On this program, I install my agency licensed version of and give you training on how you can use it to add your own content.

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