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My exclusive, one-of-a-kind WordPress Success Bootcamp is for coaches, therapists and consultants who want to build their own website and skyrocket their online marketing.

I see a LOT of people creating their own websites.

Sadly, I also see a LOT of frustration, a lot of overwhelm and a lot of failure.

The tough fact is that most websites fail to deliver results because they don’t follow a process.

They are a shot in the dark on a wing and a prayer.

What starts as an exciting project, soon becomes a meltdown of headaches and lost sleep.

So those time-stretched entrepreneurs spend

>> hours working on doing it better…

>> money on the fix which they hope will put it right…

>> energy on pushing through…

And yet, it’s still not hitting the mark.

They know what they want, but just can’t seem to reach that end goal.

It can leave them feeling stuck and lost. Wondering how they could be messing it up when it’s meant to be straightforward.


>> It’s not because they lack the commitment

>> It’s not because they don’t have the right tools

>> It’s not because no one wants their service

It’s because most entrepreneurs don’t actually have a roadmap for building their website.

There aren’t many A to Z systems – so they end up stitching together their own system, based on guesses, ideas and theories of what they ‘think’ will work.

But they don’t have the experience of a successful website to base those ideas on.

So they end up guessing and hoping.

Here’s the big secret.

If you want a successful website, you just need a TESTED, PROVEN and COMPLETE system to simply follow through.

A step-by-step process.

Having a system is the key to making things happen.

In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world thrive on systems.

You need a complete, start to finish implementation system for a website.

It’s too much of a critical piece of your marketing puzzle to simply hope for the best.

This is where the WordPress Success Bootcamp comes in…

The WordPress Success Bootcamp is so much more than a website creation course.

Seriously, nothing gets left out, and no one gets left behind.

This program shows you how to build a website which becomes a client-attraction machine and which delivers leads and prospects.

You will:

  • learn what messages to include in your website
  • understand website best practises
  • become unbelievably comfortable working with WordPress, creating new pages and adding elements to pages and sidebars, and so much more
  • do it right first time without the headaches and meltdowns, with a vastly experienced mentor by your side
  • remove the fear of ‘breaking’ anything
  • save loads of time and money searching for and investing in the tools for the job
  • no longer need to rely on a web designer or freelancer
  • have weekly live group calls with me
  • join an exclusive Facebook group for support
  • work through short step-by-step video tutorials at your own pace.

Meaning you get to do what you do best.

Spread your message to the world, knowing that each action you take on this program is moving you closer to increasing your reach and visibility to your ideal audience.

To finally pull off the website that you’ve been dreaming about creating…

…and finally have the control to generate the income, influence and authority that your business and life needs.

I can't wait to hold your hand through the process and see your website grow, and your business thrive.

Even self-confessed technophobes have loved the program.

“I signed up to the WordPress Happy course after I was let down by my website builders and it’s one of the best things that happened. The course allowed me to learn a brand new skill and build my website from scratch (I’m a complete novice) at my own pace. The tutorials were clear and easy to follow and the great thing is that they are available forever, so I can always go back and look at one of the topics again. The gem in this service was the access to Vicky once a week. This really helped to unblock issues and figure out those small niggly bits that only the experts understand.” Alana, Aisle & Style

Your Instructor

Vicky Etherington
Vicky Etherington

Vicky Etherington has been helping small businesses with their websites and online marketing since 2003. She works with coaches, therapists, consultants and small businesses to help them break through the overwhelm of technology and successfully connect with their ideal clients online.

Course Curriculum

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  Week 6: Consolidation
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  Week 9: Consolidation
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  Week 11: Consolidation and Checks
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  Week 12: Go Live!
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